New user - common issue or something rare?

I managed to get MaaS up and running. I am adding a machine manually and got it to the point that it comissioned ONE server and then failed to deploy it. I deleted it and re-added it and it would not even comission it again! The comissioning process typically ends with this:

Can not apply stage final, no datasource found! Likely bad things to come!

Prior to that, I noticed:

hostname xxxxx hostname xxxx IP-Config: no response after 3 secs -giving up

but it seems to get past that ultimately… eventually I see a few systemd service failures mixed in with successes (ssh, etc) and then it sits on the login screen with the Can not apply stage final error.

Again, everything did complete successfully ONCE as far as comissioning, then never again with no other changes to my config that I am aware of.

I am having trouble finding detailed logs anywhere and the errors run off of the screen on the IPMI console. Any tips?

Do you think competing DHCP servers could have anything to do with it? There are other DHCP servers running on the same VLAN but the PXE boot is working so I figure the machines are finding the correct one.

I’d ultimately like to set a static IP rather than have one assigned by DHCP for the NICs and/or BMC but we have a large public network and hard to lock down these other DHCP servers. I just wonder how much of a chance there is that they are contributing to this problem or flakiness

Seems MaaS did not enjoy running on CentOS 7. I installed it on Ubuntu 20 and this error was no longer present.

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@etutt, i know we can deploy CentOS7, but i haven’t tried hosting MAAS on CentOS7. hmmm…