New ppa production branch

Hello maas team,

Thank you for your works!

Although we had lot of issues to stabilize maas ha 2.5, you switch to 2.6 directly to your stable branch, which it has a lot of new features (and it’s cool) but who has probably some issues, like we had in 2.4 and 2.5.

For a corporate and production servers it is not possible to switch every major version while we do just an apt upgrade of our servers.

Usually the major version need to be declarative, not just simple upgrade.

Maybe it would be interesting to have a new ppa production branch, which is keep the major release up to date until the next LTS ?

Thank you.


I was talking about this with my co-worker yesterday.
About how it’s impossible to trust third party repos.
It’s like this with MaaS PPA, Ansible PPA and many others!
The only good solution that I can think of, is to use APT’s locking mechanism to fix a determined version. Then, you can run apt full-upgrade without fears again.