New datacenter deployment using Maas questions

I am trying to accomplish the following in the latest Maas 3.3. What is the best practice for such deployment.

  1. When deploying bare metal servers, I want to create a bonded interface for all the servers. From the UI this is simple for one server. But if I have 200 servers to deploy, I don’t want to click through the UI. Is done through cloud-init or curtin?

  2. I want to do something very similar with storage. I want to set up default software raid 1 for the OS. From the UI this can be accomplished with a few clicks. I am not seeing the documentation on how to accomplish these 2 tasks.

Any working example is greatly appreciated.


about #2, this could help: Custom Storage Layouts

I am working on open sourcing a tool i wrote to do exactly this, stay tuned…

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