New 2.3 release for performance?

Any chance of getting released? It’s fix-committed for some time, and we’re hitting pretty severe perf. issues on larger installs, e.g. 2min+ for “maas nodes read”


The real question is this project still maintained ?

I was talking to one of their product managers today, so yeah it is. It’s likely worth noting the current verison is 2.6.2, not 2.3.X. Can be installed from the ppa here:

MAAS 2.3.5 is the latest thats in the stable 16.04 repos. As this is a still-supported LTS release I’d hope MAAS 2.3.5 is supported as well?

From The docs:

While MAAS is available in the normal Ubuntu archives, the available packages may be lagging non-archive, but still stable, versions. You can install a newer stable version via PPAs on the MAAS launchpad.

Also you’re asking for a performance update. That generally doesn’t fall under the sort of bug fix you’d expect from LTS.

I appreciate that there is lag between PPA and LTS repos. In fact this being some large-ish prod clouds we are glad that updates are thoroughly verified before hitting LTS.

Please note that the bug is fix-committed, explicitly backporting improvements from 2.4. So this is really just me wondering about an ETA.

You should open a support ticket I guess to see if they’ll force it to happen. I can only tell you what I can glean from the docs and message boards. I don’t think the sort of fix verifications you’re hoping for by relying on the LTS version are actually happening with the LTS packages for MAAS.