Netplan Generator fails and break the deployment, after adding 1 IP to a Machine

Hey guys!

So, here is another bug that I found on MaaS’ Netplan Generator!

Not sure if it’s a Cloud-Init bug or MaaS bug…

In my env, I have an OOBM that it’s a manually created Fabric/Subnet on MaaS. Without adding an IP to a Machine that has an interface on it, the deployment works, as follows:

However, soon as I add 1 IP to that Machine, the deployment fails!

Here is what I’m trying next:

And here is the error:

And more errors later on (I guess it keeps trying?):

It took me about 6 hours to figure this out! Especially because the Machines waits 2 minutes on each stage for the network to come up…

Anyway, this is another reason why I’m complaining about MaaS stability here on this forum. Please, forgive me if sometimes I’m being rude! Thing is that I need MaaS and it’s VERY hard to put it work flawlessly.

I’ll try the same steps on MaaS 2.6 next week to see if it’s fixed on dev…


The way network configuration currently works with MAAS is MAAS generates a V1 Netplan network configuration file, which is passed to cloud-init which converts it to a V2 Netplan network configuration file, before finally applying it with Netplan. Starting with MAAS 2.6 MAAS generates a Netplan V2 network configuration file so cloud-init only has to apply it with Netplan.

Trying with MAAS 2.6 may fix your issue. If it doesn’t could you please open a bug and attach the Curtin configuration file which includes the network configuration. You can get it with the following command

maas $PROFILE machine get-curtin-config $SYSTEM_ID

Ok, cool! I’ll try MaaS 2.6 soon.

Just for the record, where the deployment fails with Ubuntu 18.04, it works with Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.