Migrating Machines between MAAS Instances?

Hey folks!

Is there any method for migrating deployed machines from one MAAS server to another one, without releasing on one, then re-enlisting/commissioning then redeploying on another one?

What I’m actually trying to do is move a MAAS install to another machine on another subnet, which may be easier to accomplish another way, perhaps by moving the pgsql db, or doing a backup/restore then fixing up the environment changes related to connectivity etc? I suspect i’d have some issues on the machines themselves attempting to communicate with the MAAS server at the old location.

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We currently don’t have a way to add “deployed” machines to a MAAS. You can, however, snapshot the DB and put it in another postgresql and register new controllers (and delete old ones).

That said, the issues I could see would be depending on how your MAAS has been configured. All deployed machines, by default, would use MAAS for DNS, APT Proxy, NTP. So if you were to change subnets of machines and such, you would also have to update those parameters above to point to the new MAAS.

Thanks for the reply!

I had wondered about the extent of reconfiguration that would be required by me on the deployed machines as I intend to keep the rack controllers in place and use some network voodoo to have the racks connect to the new instance of the region. As I’m running MAAS 2.5.1 it was my understanding that all machine>region communication goes via rack controllers (as long as there’s more than 1 rack instance) - is this correct, or have I gotten the wrong end of the stick?

You are rick, we proxy all communication through the rack controllers now and newly deployed machines would always prefer to use the racks.

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