Max retries with url. MaaS must be getting tired of deploying OS

trying to deploy an OS and I get huge error messages only on KVM for the server. Failed to establish a new connection, Max retries exceeded with url /MAAS/metadata/status/67cspm.
Why would there be a limit to the number of times a url can be accessed?

Hi @amdjfk

Did you check other logs for any errors?

I found the error was user operational. I expected that when a system was New, I would set the Cipher ID to 17 (necessary for some systems in my lab, not particularly germane) and set the nic to DHCP from Auto Assign. I would expect those setting to remain after commissioning. They don’t. as a result the node does not have proper networking and fails.
You see, I commit the venal sin of using my own DHCP server, since my company relies on it and we paid a lot of money for it and I can’t get a separate network set up. I know MaaS is supposed to be “unsupported” in this configuration. I have found the support to be of little use in any case.
So no further mention on this thread.