Max concurrent machine deployments


I’m performing server deployments and I’m being limited to 16 simultaneous servers, when this limit is exceeded, the server cannot receive the IP by MAAS pxe.

I couldn’t find an option to increase this limit.

Any tips or information to resolve this limitation?

how many IPs in your DHCP IP range?

It is configured as /24.
I have 70% of the free ips at the moment and the deploy only occurs with the limit of 16 servers simultaneously.

There are two types of reserved ranges, Dynamic and Reserved. In the subnet definition, make sure your Dynamic reservation is greater than 16.


@mrcardoso, more info please?

  • what version of MAAS?
  • you’re configuring bare-metal servers?
  • are all your servers on the same subnet / vlan?

MAAS : 3.2.7
I’m deploying the servers.
Servers already commissioned and tested.

Yes. They are on the same subnet and vlan.

As I had a demand to activate 300 servers, I am having to execute the process with only 16 simultaneous servers being started in the deploy so that the maas pxe does not present an error in the delivery of the IP.

Searching about , I found information that in other versions there was an option max_concurrent_deployment_threads

Would you have this option in this version and if it would be something realied to it

ah, okay, so you can only deploy 16 servers at a time, but after those 16 are deployed, you can deploy 16 more?

Yes. It already has several active servers.
I can’t do it at the same time.

wait, so you can do this successfully?

  • deploy 16 servers
  • wait until those are done
  • deploy 16 more

you just can’t deploy more than 16 at one time, but you can deploy the whole 300, if you’re willing to do it 16 at a time?

Correct. I can’t deploy more than 16 at one time

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okay, can you explain exactly what happens when you try to deploy more than 16 at once? maybe with screenshots, even? trying to sort this out.

When doing more than 16 at same time, server fails to get IP for pxe boot.

I can’t reproduce at the moment to send the screenshots.
I’m not a creation demand with more than 16 servers.