Marketing URL in MAAS UI code

I noticed that uBlock showed a blocked domain when looking at the MAAS web interface. It showed a URL from usabilla[.]com, and a quick internet search shows it’s a marketing company. I did a grep and found that it’s referenced in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/maasserver/templates/maasserver/footer.html:20.

Any thoughts as to why Canonical is tracking MAAS users, and if this is mentioned in the privacy policy? I didn’t see one on the website.

Hey @rjzak,

I’m Lily, from the UX team working on MAAS.

We use Usabilla to allow users to submit feedback directly (without the need to create a bug as not all experiences are bugs).

The privacy policy that covers any feedback submitted through Usabilla can be read on the ubuntu website. We do not track or record any personal information.

You may also opt-out of all tracking (as we use Google Analytics too) through Settings and unchecking the checkbox next to Enable analytics to shape improvements to user experience:

I hope this answers your question!



Thanks for the information. I also just checked and saw that I already had that box unchecked.