Manually mark system deployed

I’ve been pulled into debugging an issue with a MAAS install I did back around christmas. Somehow two machines ended up with the same IPMI address in MAAS, and now a working system is marked as ready. Is there some way to mark it deployed so it will boot from the hard drive?

This is a mess. There are many pairs of systems with the same IPMI address. Is there a way to use the maas cli to dump all of the IPMI configs so I can find all the dups? I tried
maas maas4 machine read xxyzzy
but I don’t see the IPMI address in the output.

figured this part out … it’s under machines :

maas maas4 machines power-parameters

I have 26 machines sharing 11 IPs

Hi @jeremy-mordkoff!

Thank you for reaching out. Do you mean that initially all the machines were configured with unique IPMI IP addresses and now, without any user interaction, they have changed their IPMI IP configuration ending up with duplicated IPs?

yes, but this is not an issue with MAAS. The IPMI network had a problem with it’s DHCP server, plus we discovered that some hosts had static IPMI addresses but those addresses were not excluded from the DHCP server’s pool.

Anyways, I have found and fixed all these issues. What I need now is a way to change a machine from READY to DEPLOYED without actually re-deploying it.

AFAIK a user can not override the status of a machine - but maybe some other experts might correct me.

Unfortunately, I think the only way to recover your system would be to manually hack some data in the MAAS database.

I have marked the machines in question as “allocated” … I think that will protect them from getting stolen by Juju for other purposes.