Machines can't discover MaaS on startup

Hey guys

I have had a working setup with version of MaaS 2.4 running for some time, but I had to change hard drive on the master, so I decided for a fresh install and to upgrade to version 2.6.

Download and installation went fine and as expected. However, now when I turn the workers on they can’t find MaaS, so they can’t do a PXE boot.

I remember having a similar issue when I installed MaaS 2.4 in the first place. Back then I figured out that MaaS only worked if fabric-0 was on the network interface that connects to the switch that the worker machines was on. Right now I can’t figure out how to change, which interface is connected to which fabric.
Is correct that MaaS only broadcast on fabric-0? And how can I solve this?

On the master I have the following interfaces:
enp3s0 - - fabric-0 - DHCP not enabled
eno1 - - fabric-2 - DHCP enabled

The worker machines are sitting on the network.
From the master I can scan the network and see that the workers indeed comes on and gets a 192.168.200.X ip.

Thanks in advance!