Machine workload annotations

Workload annotations exist only while the machine is in an acquired or deployed state. This feature is designed to help MAAS users efficiently communicate with each other about machine workloads by using annotations on a machine.

Creating workload annotations

Currently, you must assign (create) them with the API, which can be accessed from the CLI via the machine set-owner-data command:

maas $PROFILE machine set-owner-data $SYSTEM_ID key1=value1 key2=value2...

They cannot be created with the UI. Workload annotations are a series of key: value pair, where a user creates a key such as contact person, role, service, etc. For example, for a contact email, the workload annotation might be set like this:

maas $PROFILE machine set-owner-data $SYSTEM_ID email=$YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

Particular keys and naming conventions are not dictated by MAAS and are usually dependent on the individual organisation that is responsible for the MAAS instance.

Accessing workload annotations

Once they have been created, they can be accessed from the machine list via the Filter dropdown:

While only machines in the allocated or deployed state display workload annotations:

MAAS nevertheless remembers which machines have recently been assigned workload annotations via the filter:

and reports back all machines that have recently held that annotation in the filtered list:

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