Machine with multiple network interfaces

Is it possible to have two NICs working on a machine?
NIC #1 is connected to the private subnet, which only consists of the MaaS region+rack controller and the machines in question. These NICs get a IP address assigned by the MaaS DHCP, and they also PXE boot from this network.
NIC #2 is connected to the public subnet, which has all kinds of non-MaaS devices (printer, Laptops, vacuum cleaners…). The idea is that this network is used for the machines to access the internet, through the default gateway (OPENWRT)

Is this somehow possible? I can’t find any way to configure NIC #2, all MaaS has to say is this:
ens18 = NIC #1
ens19 = NIC #d

This is the netplan config from MaaS:

                macaddress: 8e:57:8a:55:d4:2d
            mtu: 1500
                - maas
            set-name: ens18
                macaddress: c6:11:fb:c9:5e:e2
            mtu: 1500
            set-name: ens19
    version: 2

It specifically “blocks” ens19 :frowning:

I think I found it. There is a bug when selecting a Fabric in the “Edit Physical” mask, which jumps back to the fabric all the time. That’s why I thought this is a dead end. But it actually provides all the good stuff :tada:

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