Machine resource discovery does not work for PPC

Context: the general “machine info” for our PPC nodes is empty, compared to x86_64 machines, where infromation is visible


  1. the ‘20-maas-03-machine-resouces’ commissioning script comes back empty for the general system info (compared to the ‘maas-lshw’ script, which contains useful info)
  2. The above script comes from a (go-)binary (see src/host-info/pkg/info/info.go in the maas repo).
  3. This binary uses the lxd/resources packages
  4. The system.go-componend in the lxd/resources-package in the canonical/lxd repo explicitely searches /sys/class/dmi/id.

On PowerPC, DMI and such does not exists.
lshw, however, can retrieve the necessary information without problem.

I think, this might be a minor issue, but the actual question is: whom to ask? MAAS people? LXD people?

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Hello Tobias,

You are absolutely correct, MAAS relies on functionality from lxc/resources package.
May I ask you to report a bug for MAAS on Launchpad and we will do the reset to make sure it is handled correctly on the LXD side and corresponding package is updated in MAAS.


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Hi @troyanov.
Thanks for the swift response, I opened

FWIW, I see three options:

  1. Ignore the missing info but document it (DMI-Info is availiable on x86 and ARM, only Power stands out)
  2. Implement Device-tree parsing in go at LXD
  3. Make machine-resources rely on lshw which already does the heavy loading and is used during commision anyway.

Best regards

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