Maas2NetBox: Enrich NetBox from MaaS

Hi all,

In our team we are using MaaS to help us manage our entire datacenter and NetBox [1] to fully describe our machines inventory. Started as an internal repository, maas2netbox has proven very useful to extract knowledge from MaaS in an automated way and validate our NetBox database against it.

The current version of maas2netbox can massively validate Lenovo machines which co-exist in MaaS and NetBox for their recorded interfaces, firmware versions, serial number, installed platform, cabling with switches’ interfaces and more. In case user wants, maas2netbox can even update NetBox database to be aligned with MaaS findings from commissioning scripts or user configuration.

To be able to extend its functionality, fix any possible issue and share the tool with the community we decided to release it to GitHub. Feel free to experiment by accessing maas2netbox here:

Stamatis Katsaounis
DevOps Engineer @ GRNET