Maas with host as pod, seting up netplan with bridges and vlans

I’ve got Maas working with vlans and I’m able to create pods. What I want to know is, how to make a maas that can deploy to it’s self as well as other nodes/pods.

What I’ve tried:
manually editing netplan to no effect, I’m just not getting netplan! I’ve not found documentation that really explains things. I miss the old network interfaces way!

I’ve manually configured a maas node before deploying it as a KVM host.
So here is a question for the above approach:
Should I create all the networking interface then add the vlans then bridge to the vlan?
Should I create a bridge to the networking interface then add the vlans?
Something else?

What’s the best practice here?

In the end I will have a MaaS host that ill see it’s self as a pod, be able to deploy to it’s self(juju) as well as deploy to other physical nodes.

I’ve seen this “” I was unable to figure out how to modify it to my needs. It can deploy to it’s self but I was unable to figure out bridging, rather than NAT.

Thank you for your time.

@nathan-flowers, let me first ask you: what are you hoping to accomplish with this configuration? i’m unclear on the value, enlighten me. :slight_smile:

@nathan-flowers, did you ever work out what you needed here?