MaaS Virsh Power Type - Power error

I have configured MaaS machine with power type “Virsh (virtual systems)” like this:

Power type: Virsh (virtual systems)
Address: qemu+ssh://ubuntu@
Password (optional): none
Virsh VM ID: e0974a91-0120-486c-8a04-d20bfbb987fa

I’m able with user ubuntu and root to execute command from the maas host (rackd+regiond) and I get response with UUID of the VM:

virsh -c qemu+ssh://ubuntu@ domuuid vmname

Or I can get list of VMs without any issue (ssh key login). But there is still “Power error” in MaaS. I already installed missing package “libvirt-clients” to MaaS and I rebooted it. Other power type for example IPMI is working for me. I could not see anything relevant in the logs. What I can do more to find out the issue? MaaS 3.3.5 on Ubuntu 22.04.4, all updates installed + snap refreshed.


Hi @borsik ,

this is a known issue caused by an unforeseen update of one of MAAS dependencies. We have a fix and we are currently working towards publishing new stable releases as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you can refresh your snap to a hotfix branch:

sudo snap refresh --channel=3.3/stable/hotfix-bug-2053033 maas
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