MAAS Unable to commision (reuse) old node.

Hello Everyone,


TL,DR: Deployed and destroyed OpenStack 3 times, now unable to commision those same servers. Getting error in the screenshot below. Thanks.

Been struggling with this error for a day. Hoping one of you might seen this before or at least have some idea where to look. Before getting the error I ran commission, deployment and destroy 3 times. All were deploying fine. I was able to use Juju to deploy OpenStack. I was changing configuration and redeploying. However, now I can’t seem to even commision a server. There was no network changes.

My best guess is that I ran out of IPs in the subnet. The reason I think that, is the same 3 servers showing up with different IPs as Observed. Subnet shows 45% full, but all the servers should have been deleted when I ran juju destroy-model openstack. Is there a way to “clean up” subnet? Delete all assigned IPs for both Auto Assigned and DHCP?

Any advice is appreciated.