MAAS UI: Updating Hardware Info Post Deployment and refresh state


Over the lifecycle of a deployed machine, its hardware configuration can change, whether it be an added disk, network interface, resized resources in the case of a VM, or hardware removed either due to failure or replacement. These changes are currently not reflected in MAAS without recommissioning and redeploying that machine.

On a mission to keep the MAAS hardware state up-to-date, our Core team has come up with a solution on the API side and we also want to have this update reflected in the UI.

How do we show this information in the UI?

We still have some aspects to discuss and assumptions to confirm. What we are going to show here are only the first ideas in wireframes.

First of all, we need to provide the users with the option of periodically syncing the hardware configuration of a machine when it is deployed.

The hardware update frequency will be a global setting.

After the deployment, some new information will appear in the machine details:

We will show relevant information about the hardware updates, like when was the configuration last updated, the hardware update frequency of this machine and the global setting, which might be different if it was changed after the deployment.

This is only the first wireframe and it has to go through a feedback process. We will share the final design in the next blog post. Let us know what you think :smiley:.

UI Performance

In the quest of assuaging our UI performance, we have finally handle search, filtering, ordering, and pagination on the Server side. This allows us to store lesser data and assuage the performance issues in the UI.

2022-03-10 16.55.19

As a side note, one of the problems that has come up during our implementation is that there can be a case where the state in the server that could be different from the state in the UI. So one quick fix to handle those different states at the moment is to provide a notification and allow our users to refresh on their own convenience. We feel that it would be intrusive to just update the machine list without informing our users.

Here is our update for this week, tell us what you think :smiley: