MAAS UI: Sort images by "Last deployed" and configurable session timeout

Sort images by “last deploy”

Another feature that the UI team is working on this pulse is to help our users sort images by “last deployed”.

A new column “Last deployed” is added to the image table, allowing people to sort by when the image is deployed in chronological order. Our first prototype assumes that the relative time in main text could be more useful, with additional absolute time as a subtext.

However, we have also learned that for many cases many of our users find that absolution time is less helpful in terms of cognitive load.

What are your thoughts, Maasters?

Configurable session timeout

One of the new security features that we are working on for 3.4 is to allow people to configure the session timeout. In 3.4, there will be multiple sub sections under “Security”. The “Security protocols” section allows you to configure native TLS certificates on the browser. The “Secret storage” section allows you to integrate with Hashicorp Vault. The “Session timeout” section is the new feature that we added to allow people to configure the session expiration. Lastly, “IPMI settings” is a sub section under “Commissioning” that is more relevant to Security.

To configure the session timeout, type in a string specifying the unit of the session timeout. By default, the current session expires in 14 days. When a user inputs this string, the values will be stored in seconds. However, we will normalise the display of this unit in human readable form in the UI.

The current input accepts the time unit of “years”, “months”, “weeks”, “days”, and “hours”.

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