MAAS UI: Machine workload annotations

React migration

MAAS continues the journey for ReactJS migration for machines summary pages. This is one of the biggest features with the highest dependency in MAAS. Our focus for this iteration is on wrapping up the Storage tab and continuing with our Networking tab. We hope our migration and solving maintenance bugs will greatly solve UI performance issues.

Machine workload annotations

Our goal for this feature is to help Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) and Data Center Engineers (DCE) efficiently communicate with each other about machine workloads by referencing the annotations on a machine. During the discovery phase, we found a few methods from different teams on how they construct their naming convention for workload attached to the machine.

The difference between Tags and Annotations is that Annotations will be removed once the machine is released from deployment, whereas Tags last forever, unless it is deleted. Workload annotations also work as a key, value pair, where a user creates a key such as contact person, role, service, etc. A naming convention for the value is usually dependent on different methods defined by different teams or organisations.

We’ve also put emphasis on the ability to search and filter annotations on our UI. From the image above, a user may click on any blue link annotation and you will be routed to a list of machines with the same annotation.

A user can also filter annotations from the machine listing page and drill down to the right value using our current search DSL under “workload”.

The more important focus for our Workload Annotation feature is a helpful guideline or best practice documentation to create meaningful key, value pairs for their organisations or business units. Feel free to share with us how you annotate machines and create beneficial naming conventions.

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