MAAS UI: MAAS Site Identity

MAAS site identity

One feedback that we received from our clients was that in some organisations, there are 3 MAAS instances that are connected to 1 Data Center. These MAAS instances were for the purpose of testing, lab, and production. Because MAAS UI looks the same for all these different purposes, it is very easy to make a mistake and deploy the wrong machine on the wrong instance.

As a solution to help people identify their MAAS instance, we want to allow people to customise the MAAS instance theme on top of the MAAS name that was represented by the bottom status bar. This is the final design phase and should be available in our next MAAS release.

In the settings page below, you can choose a MAAS name, add some emojis next to it, and also change the colour of the header to represent the MAAS instance that is different from the default one.

The colours are based on our Yaru brand colours and there are 10 options to choose from. Once you customise the theme, you can see a preview of the colouring style. If it is not the setting that you like, you can always revert back by canceling your selection.


No chance of a dark theme?

Hi @nafallo,

Great question! The dark theme is something our brand team is considering at the moment, but we don’t have any confirmation on it yet. Since, it will affect other products at Canonical as well. So, stay tuned!

Cool, it’s just what we need :slight_smile: