MAAS UI: bi-weekly update #6

#Cloud-init In Development

Our cloud-init designs have been finalised and are currently in development, stay tuned for MAAS 2.9! The goal of this feature is to create a parity with our API. You will be able to customise your cloud configuration with cloud-init user data.

Current feature includes:

  • Allowing code paste and reading from uploaded file
  • Users are able to edit the user data from the snippet area
  • At this stage, we only allow one file/snippet upload

#KVM Charts

Our second phase of react migration project is merely focussed on KVM; KVM listing and KVM details. In our earlier design work, we have been exploring different ways to represent KVM resources data in order to reflect the truth and minimise confusion.

One of the things that we discovered from our user interviews is that the word “used” vs “available” created confusion for our users. Because our users interpreted these resources as actually used. Whereas in reality, the data represented here is the amount of resources that our users assigned to their KVMs.

The concept of overcommit still remains as a big design challenge for our team. The current solution that we choose is to make the information expander clearer and add visual cues to help highlight the important aspects of KVM resources. The bigger question we want to answer is how might we show these graphs in ways that are useful and accurate?

#In-app Release Notification on the way

Our data has shown that about less than 10% of our users updated MAAS to the newest version of MAAS in the past releases. So our goal is to expand the announcement channel to MAAS-app to help promote our new release. For MAAS 2.9 our goal is to create the simplest version of the notification component for new release announcements and from here we will try to see this as a starting point to scale our notifications forward.