MAAS UI: bi-weekly update #4

Focus on 2.8 release

The final RC has been released so we are QA’ing all aspects of the UI to check it works well for the upcoming release.

MAAS documentation improvements

The journey to discover how to improve is still on! Last week after trying to determine the current user journey for our Technical Writers, this week we are exploring the behavior of our Documentation readers. We have currently just identified two search behavior patterns such as transactional search behavior and contextual search behavior. The difference between the 2 is that transactional searches are on point searches, for people who are familiar with the concept and only needed examples. The latter one describes the behavior of users whose goal is to understand the big picture concept.

The question is how does this search behavior impact our current design and how might we help our users search and navigate to the content that they are looking for easily.

UX exploration into mini graphs

The team are aiming to tackle a refresh of the KVM section of MAAS and part of that is the in table mini graphs to give a summary of usage across the machines.

After reviewing a number of users across the company the findings show that many people thought the mini graphs were just an estimated summary and not an absolute representation of the allocation of resources.

The main question was did people understand the representation of overcommitted values. Many needed to view the tooltip on hover to understand what the different borders represented.

This research has led us to three options which will be iterated on.

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