MAAS UI: bi-weekly update #2

Hey MAASters!

The UI team is back with an update on our work in the past two weeks!

First off, due to the rapidly developing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation the UI team has transitioned to 100% remote for the foreseeable future. Canonical is well set up to remain productive but brings design challenges such as group sketching which we are testing and evaluating solutions. This is presenting challenges but we are quickly overcoming them and starting to feel the joys of working from home!

Here are some of the latest highlights:

New UX designer

Recently the lovely @amylily joined us in the UI team, as a senior UX designer and she’ll be working on MAAS! I’m sure she’ll greatly appreciate any feedback you guys have about the UI!!

Searching and filtering, grouping persistence

We have been cracking on with finishing up the machine listing work in React, Huw has done an amazing job on adding searching and filtering as well as introducing in-browser persistence on the grouping functionality.
We also introduced the ability to share filtered (and searched for) results, as those are now reflected in the URL of the page.

User testing report

On the UX end of things, we completed analysing the results from the user testing sessions in Frankfurt, created a report with those and have a list of goals - both quick wins and larger areas to explore ready to begin work on. The quick wins will be feeding into improvements on the machine details pages, whereas the larger areas cover things we will need more research on in order to produce awesome, useful designs.


Thank you for the warm welcome, @lilyanavidenova!

Feel free to share your feedback! I’d love to hear more about MAAS and it’s challenges :wink: