MAAS UI: bi-weekly update #1

Hello MAASters!

We thought you might be curious as to what is the UI team up to, so here is a quick summary of what we did the last two weeks:

User testing of machine details

During the engineering sprint in Frankfurt we conducted 9 sessions of user testing with fellow colleagues from various teams who use MAAS, focusing on their experience with the machine details pages. In the second week we began analysing the transcripts and videos of those sessions with the work on the analysis and next steps continuing into next iteration.

LXD driven VMs design

Following a few meetings and a number of iterations of the design, we completed the design phase of introducing LXD driven VMs into MAAS. The screens that were designed touch on the more broad topic of EPA in MAAS, including NUMA and SR-IOV read-only information. Following is one of the screens that will be part of the flow.

Machine listing ongoing work

We are continuing the work on moving the machine listing to React and introducing small UX improvements to it. Currently we are working on the Take action menu and searching the table.