MAAS - UEFI and Secure Boot

I am new to MAAS. I installed it and I was able to deploy an OS to BIOS Based virtual machines, however when I tried to do the same on a UEFI Enabled virtual machine. (Secure Boot disabled) I get this error:
Fetching Netboot Image
Booting under MAAS direction…
error: Timeout reading
error: you need to load the kernel first.

I am using MAAS 3.3.
Can you help me identify what could be causing this issue? Also does MAAS support Secure Boot?

I was getting the error when I was using VMware Workstation to simulate physical computers with UEFI enabled. This setup worked when I tested MDT+WDS and also RHEL PXE Server (PXELinux) - I thought MAAS would also work. I decided to create a virtual machine with UEFI and Secure Boot enabled on a VMware vSphere Cluster and it worked. I also tested it on a physical computer UEFI enabled and also worked.
Thank you,

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