MAAS Top of Rack Switch Recommendation / Configuration

Does anyone have any recommendations and/ or configuration settings they would recommend for a top of rack switch for PXE boot/ TFTP / etc.

I initially had my MAAS head node connected to a dumb 1GB switch as I was doing some testing. I think migrated (or tried to ) a NETGEAR switch that had 10GB ports/uplink and started running into weird issues. I was able to PXE boot and TFTP, but for some weird reason it wasn’t able to download the ephemeral image…

I’ve had issues with this switch before, and I am now wondering if after a recent reboot, the switch may have re-enabled DHCP… as I have no idea where the gateway magically appeared from…

Regardless, i wanted to know if there is a doc/recommendations for what should / shouldn’t be enabled on the switch for when I reconfigure it.

@dagutman, one source of dhcp might go a long way toward fixing this. have you tried just disabling dhcp on the switch and see if things work?

@dagutman, did you ever figure this out?