MAAS test configuration - init command not found

Hello! I’m a complete newbie of a MAAS user and I’m stuck in the initialization phase of a MAAS test configuration. I’ve been using the official documentation to install MAAS from a snap to a virtual Ubuntu server. I managed to install the test database on my server, but when I try to move onto the next step (AKA using this command: sudo maas init region+rack --database-uri maas-test-db:/// ), I get the message sudo: maas: command not found. I realize this is probably an entry-level problem, but I would appreciate any help or advice the people here can give!

@anspa, you’re attempting to initialize the 2.8 RC?

@billwear Sorry, I’m not sure. I’m still very new to all this. I was following the instructions for ‘Initialising MAAS as a test configuration’ that were found here:

I’m not sure if that counts as the 2.8 RC or not.

yeah, that’s 2.8, likely an RC. you can do snap list maas to get the exact vintage.

Alright, I’ll try and do that when I get the chance. Thank you!

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Hello again! I used the snap list command and this is what I got.


It’s 2.8, just as you thought.

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@anspa, what is your timezone? it might be faster for me to do a hangout with you and see what you’re experiencing, when you have time. i’m pretty booked today, but i could do something tomorrow or monday if we can find a reasonable time overap.

What shell are you using? At one point, there was a bug in the zsh/snap integration which resulted in snap installed sw not ending up in the zsh PATH.

You might try
sudo bash
maas init …

@khbkhb @billwear Thank you to both of you for your help! Luckily, one of my seniors at work managed to figure out what the problem was earlier this morning. Now the server is up and running as normal.

Still, thank you both again! It’s great to see such a welcoming community.

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