MaaS stuck at Deploying status on custom images

I prepared a Debian image which is just a tar file from real Debian installation of mine, MaaS can deploy it fine on my machines, but it stuck at Deploying state, is there anything I should consider when making new images to prevent such an issue?

Currently MAAS can’t differentiate between Debian and Ubuntu. Because of this MAAS sends Debian deployments the Ubuntu repository configuration. What I suspect is happening is the deployment is hanging as Curtin can’t install the Ubuntu kernel on Debian.

As the installation logs show Curtin successful installation, how can I trouble shoot and found which part of Curtin has error?
I can see the normal Ubuntu image use cloud-init in the final boot of OS, do I have to install specific package in Debian to let MaaS do it’s final configuration on OS after final boot?

MAAS finishes marks an install as finished when user-data is retrieved. This is normally done by cloud-init. You can try adding cloud-init into the Debian image but MAAS will also provide the Ubuntu package repositories.

I’m not sure if the issue is what you said, but do you know a way to ensure that?
Maybe I can send you the image to check it out yourself. is that possible?

  • Are you using a Debian cloud image in order to have the cloud-init package installed?

    • If not, have you installed cloud-init by yourself? AFAIK the deployed event (which MaaS must receive in order to set the process as completed) comes from cloud-init. Even without considering that event, cloud-init is definitely required to successfully achieve the necessary configuration for the deployment
  • Have you created/modified the preseeds file for custom images in order to tell cloud-init which kernel should be used?

  • Which Debian version are you using?

I just installed the cloud-init packet but it made no change,
How can I tell raise MaaS event to tell the installation is done? where can I find preseed files?
I’m using Debian 10