Maas Simplestreams custom images sync with glance-simplestreams-sync

Hi, I would like to sync my custom images uploaded in Maas with my Openstack.
I used “glance-simplestreams-sync” to perform this operation, but when the synchronisation task occur, I have this error message :

“Deleting image 1d5553e0-b9b7-4dd4-9553-d112485e72fd: Invalid glance image: 1d5553e0-b9b7-4dd4-9553-d112485e72fd. Expected size=1556640113 md5=None. Found size=1556640113 md5=1be5b2a55fb79a9ed7895d4933a88d15.”

Glance cannot verify the checkecsum provided by MAAS.
In the simplestream .json file generated by MAAS, I saw the checksum but in sha256.

Is there a solution or a workaround ?

I saw this bug Bug #1933966 “sync-images fails with Invalid glance image: . …” : Bugs : OpenStack glance-simplestreams-sync charm (

@fitou-jdf123, did you ever get this resolved?