MAAS Services in separate Containers

Hey there,

It’s been a while, I missed you guys!

I’m building a MAAS setup with each service (rack, region, db) in it’s own LXD container, with the MAAS components installed via snap in each container, and postgresql in it’s own also.

In the old days, I would use maas region dbupgrade to init a postgres instance, but it looks a bit different right now - is there any guidance on this? I couldn’t find much in the docs :confused:

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@seffyroff, what version of MAAS are you using?

I was planning on diving in headfirst with 2.8/edge unless there’s a good reason not to (this is not production server, it’s a lab)

Looking into this further it seems like postgres as a snap is broken. There seems to be a maas-test-db Snap specifically for the purpose of providing a snap’d DB to MAAS, but it looks like it only listens locally, and because of Snap confinement, is non-trivial to get to listen on an external IP port to another host.

With my goal here being scalability and immutability (adding more regions, racks or db members and painlessly failing over when one is (re)moved) I can either just put PGSQL in a container on its own, or run it as a docker container.

I ended up with this all running nicely with pgsql in Docker, initialized when the region controller is init.

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@seffyroff, glad you got it figured out! Way to go!

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Yep I’m happy with the result here. Next I’ll update my MAAS charm so this can be easily repeated and scaling is simple.


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