MAAS Rescue mode and ownership


I am a newbie to MAAS, i’ve been trying to learn to use it however i have come across some doubts.

When i booted a test server into rescue mode it changed the owner from the account A to my account, how do i send the account ownership back to the account A?

Does booting a server into rescue mode always change the ownership to my account?

Can you boot a server into rescue mode or change the ownership from the api to make everything automatic?

Thank you in advance

Currently running MAAS 2.4.

What have you done about it? It is been three years and you might have found its solution. Please help me as I am only a beginner.


could you please describe the exact steps you took with the server?

Also, what version of MAAS are you using? If it’s still 2.4, could you upgrade to a more recent version?