MaaS reports lxd container(inside Openstack controller) IP as sticky instead of static

I have provisioned and deployed Openstack controller(Ubuntu 20.04) using MaaS. The IP mode of Controller interface(ens160) is set to Automatic(tried with static also). The Openstack controller correctly creates few lxd container and it uses the bridged interface to set the IP address of the containers. But when i browse through the subnet (fabric-0/untagged) of the interface(ens160) the type of the IP address of containers is reported as sticky instead of static.

However, if i enquire about the IP address type inside lxd container created in Controller machine it shows the type as static.

root@juju-5cf55a-0-lxd-15:~# ip r
default via dev eth0 proto static dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src

The netplan sets the static IP of each container and looks fine.

root@juju-5cf55a-0-lxd-15:~# cat /etc/netplan/99-juju.yaml 
  version: 2
        macaddress: 00:16:3e:43:8b:c0
        search: [maas]
        addresses: []

However, in the MaaS UI i can see the type of IP is set to sticky.

Screenshot from 2022-10-17 18-21-25

I will appreciate if anyone provides any insights on the issue.
I am using MaaS 3.2.6


@dd1234, where are you seeing the “Sticky” in the UI? what page or tab?

Hi I am seeing it in the subnet of the untagged VLAN/fabric0


@dd1234, okay, I see. MAAS reports that as “Sticky” because MAAS is reserving that IP address for that particular LXD container, i.e., it won’t reuse it for another device. LXD doesn’t know this, or rather, when LXD reports “Static”, it’s basically saying, “you can count on me having this IP address, it isn’t going to change when I reboot or anything”. it’s what “Sticky” looks like on the other end. does that help?

is it causing any trouble?

@billwear I know it’s not going to change and will survive the reboot but anyway MaaS is not reporting the type as static as well. The same configuration on MaaS 2.9 reports the IP address type as static.

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that’s good to know. i’ll ask around. i have a hard time letting these little things go… :slight_smile:

NP :slightly_smiling_face: I will look around and will post here if i get to know the reason for this little things :thinking:

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@dd1234, nobody seems to have a clue what’s happening here. lmk if this becomes a show-stopper.