MaaS region+rack on CentOS

We have a CentOS server at our lab that provides DHCP over a private network to our lab. I want to make the server the region+rack controller, and have hence installed maas on the machine using snap.

sudo maas init region+rack --database-uri "postgres://$MAAS_DBUSER:$MAAS_DBPASS@$HOSTNAME/$MAAS_DBNAME"

On initializing, however, only the region controller gets configured, but the rack configuration fails.

sudo maas status

bind9 RUNNING pid 25826, uptime 0:13:50
dhcpd STOPPED Not started
dhcpd6 STOPPED Not started
http RUNNING pid 25827, uptime 0:13:50
ntp RUNNING pid 26017, uptime 0:13:48
proxy RUNNING pid 26338, uptime 0:13:37
rackd FATAL Exited too quickly (process log may have details)
regiond RUNNING pid 25833, uptime 0:13:50
syslog RUNNING pid 26002, uptime 0:13:48

I was hoping to figure out where I can find these logs, and how I can troubleshoot to get rackd up and running.

Thank you.

Hi Masood,

You’ll find some useful information in /var/log/syslog, by default I think all the stderr output ends up here.

For the specific logs files you’ll need to take a look in /var/snap/maas/common/log

Good luck,


Hi J,

Thank you so much for pointing me to the logs.

I checked my log for rackd, and it says that Port 69 is already in use:

twisted.internet.error.CannotListenError: Couldn’t listen on [Errno 98] Address already in use.

I checked for the service using it, which is expectedly an existing tftp service. lsof -i:69

lsof -i:69
systemd 1 root 96u IPv6 73976 0t0 UDP *:tftp

The issue doesn’t seem to get resolved despite turning off the tftp-server via systemctl stop tftp-server and re-initializing maas.

I eventually resolved it by turning off both, tftp-server and tftp-server.socket


maas status

bind9 RUNNING pid 44512, uptime 0:01:12
dhcpd STOPPED Not started
dhcpd6 STOPPED Not started
http RUNNING pid 45139, uptime 0:00:56
ntp RUNNING pid 44787, uptime 0:01:10
proxy RUNNING pid 45059, uptime 0:01:00
rackd RUNNING pid 44515, uptime 0:01:12
regiond RUNNING pid 44517, uptime 0:01:12
syslog RUNNING pid 44781, uptime 0:01:10

Thank you for your patience.


Hi Masood,

Glad they helped you to fix the issue, maas is quite complex and can be hard to diagnose issues at times.

All the best,