Maas-region command missing


I upgraded our maas installation to 2.9.2 and to snap based install. I used the transition package ( for moving over to snap and maas status shows me, that rackd and regiond are running. Snaps maas and maas-cli are installed.

But I cannot run maas-region or maas-rack on cmdline while all tipps, hints and documentations containing it. Scripts exists in /snap/maas/current/bin but I cannot start them (gives python errors) so I’m a bit confused whats wrong here. when using

snap run --shell maas -c ‘maas-region’

I get the help page as expected.

Can somebody explain, what I did wrong? Or do I missunderstand something in documentation/installation? Or did somethin went wrong with transition?


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Hi, those commands are not exposed in the snap as they’re not really intended as user utilities.
With the snap, the maas command should only be needed.

As you mentioned they’re still available via snap run if really needed.

What’s your use case for running maas-region directly?

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Well, I was just wondering that in documentation always maas-region is mentioned, for instance in

(“sudo maas-region apikey --username=$PROFILE > $API_KEY_FILE”) and some parts more. And while reading and learning how to setup a global custom FS layout (using XFS instead of ext4) I always read maas-region and not maas(-cli).

When this is intentionally - good to now and I can handle this. :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply

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Ah yeah I guess the doc needs updating there, thanks for reporting.

You can use sudo maas apikey --username=$profile for that use case.


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