MAAS Rack Controller as KVM Guest

Greetings community!

I’ve been running a little bit of a mad scientist experiment :robot:. I set out to try achieve a 100% Ubuntu stack by using MaaS, Juju + KVM (pods) to try optimise my hardware.

One of the experiments I did was Compose a Virtual machine and then deploy it to be used as a secondary Region/Rack Controller.

Once that machine registers itself as a Region/Rack Controller, it does appear under the Controllers section, but the Composed Machine disappears from the Machine listing and the KVM host it’s running on. (It doesn’t really disappear, it’s just not visible like other composed machines on the GUI)

Is this expected behaviour, and is this even supported running additional Region/Rack controllers as KVM guests composed by MaaS?

Its expected to disappear from the machine listing page but should still be on the KVM host machine listing. I’ve filed LP:1906883 to show the machine on the KVM machine listing page.

This setup should work. Keep in mind for HA MAAS should be running on separate physical KVM hosts.

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