Maas Proxy VM Migration

Hi Team,

I am new for MaaS system management. We have to migrate the Proxy machine from one server to other. I am unable to find the mapping for it. Please find the details of our system it would be helpful if you can help us out.

We are using Internal MaaS build-in Proxy. We have 2 subnet public and private network. We have MaaS controller which installed as Regional+Rack controller configuration.

We are using MaaS 2.6.2 version and Maas-Proxy(2.4) is installed as apt pkg on MaaS controller. We have Proxy VM installed which performs the reverse proxy + authentication. I have installed new VM and trying to replace the mapping reference of old one with new VM.


  1. I am dont find any documentation for the MaaS Version for Proxy configuration. It would be nice if you can share them

  2. I couldnt figure out how the MaaS controller uses the Proxy VM for reverse proxy.

  3. I could find exact config fix or commands to change for it or Do i need to reinstall/ reconfigure MaaS or MaaS Proxy package for it.

It would be great if you can share some inputs on it. I am also happy to share more information if shared ones arent enough to understand the problem. Since I am new to this tool bare with me if my question are too naive.