MAAS Proxy keeps dying when run inside of an LXC container?

My maas controller keeps toggling back and forth between showing that the proxy service is working and has failed:


Other details:

  • This is MAAS 3.2 (installed via snap)
  • I am running MAAS inside of an Ubuntu 20 LXD/LXC container.
  • There are two physical interfaces. All subnets are on eth0, except for


  • Is there a log I can look at somewhere to troubleshoot what the issue is with the proxy service?
  • Anyone have any other proxy troubleshooting tips?

Found the answer. Sort of. I still don’t know where the MAAS Proxy system logs errors, so I don’t know the exact reason that MAAS was dying, but I did find the solution.

The answer is simple. The LXC container needs to run in privileged/nested mode to support MAAS. This isn’t the recommended way to run LXC for a public facing server, but if you’re running in a secure environment, it’s sometimes necessary. So, here’s the fix:

lxc stop {maas-container}
lxc config set {maas-container} security.privileged true 
lxc config set {maas-container} security.nesting true 
lxc start {maas-container}

This fix is applicable to LXD 3.03 and MAAS 3.2.

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