MAAS PPA Package missing init arguments compared to SNAP installation instructions

Hi, the MAAS PPA 3.1 Package does not have arguments for initializing

  1. rack

  2. region

  3. rack+region

  4. external database

    ubuntu@maas:~$ maas init -h
    usage: maas init [-h] [–skip-admin] [–admin-username USERNAME] [–admin-password PASSWORD] [–admin-email EMAIL] [–admin-ssh-import LP_GH_USERNAME]
    [–candid-agent-file CANDID_AGENT_FILE] [–candid-domain CANDID_DOMAIN] [–candid-admin-group CANDID_ADMIN_GROUP] [–rbac-url RBAC_URL]
    [–rbac-service-name RBAC_SERVICE_NAME]

     Initialize controller.
     optional arguments:
       -h, --help            show this help message and exit
       --skip-admin          Skip the admin creation.
       --admin-username USERNAME
                         Username for the admin account.
       --admin-password PASSWORD
                         Force a given admin password instead of prompting.
       --admin-email EMAIL   Email address for the admin.
       --admin-ssh-import LP_GH_USERNAME
                         Import SSH keys from Launchpad (lp:user-id) or Github (gh:user-id) for the admin.
       --candid-agent-file CANDID_AGENT_FILE
                         Agent file containing Candid authentication information
       --candid-domain CANDID_DOMAIN
                         The authentication domain to look up users in for the external Candid server.
       --candid-admin-group CANDID_ADMIN_GROUP
                         Group of users whose members are made admins in MAAS
       --rbac-url RBAC_URL   The URL for the Canonical RBAC service to use.
       --rbac-service-name RBAC_SERVICE_NAME
                         Optionally, the name of the RBAC service to register this MAAS as. If not provided, a list with services that the user can register
                         will be displayed, to choose from.

Hi @mk4umha,

these options exist only when installing with snaps. When using the deb packages the mode is defined by the packages you install:

  • region if you install maas-region-controller
  • rack if you install maas-rack-controller
  • region+rack if you install both

the database settings are configured in the region package:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas-region-controller


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Got it, thanks for the help.

I just tried the reconfigure but it only asked to update the PXE interface, nothing about external DB.

What if I manually edit /etc/maas/regiond.conf and restart the service, will that work?

Sorry, my mistake. The DB config is not updated through the deb configuration interface.

You should do as you suggested: edit the file and restart the service.

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