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I’m working on a MAAS test infra where the rack and region services are connected via SDN (Zerotier). It’s almost working, I managed to get a machine enlisted successfully.

I’m seeing some connectivity issues, and I’m not sure exactly how to resolve them. I have static routes defined in the SDN for both rack controllers and also the region controller, with their SDN interfaces as the gateway. That seems to not be enough to get things moving however.

What did work was adding a new fabric in MAAS, adding the SDN subnet to it, and defining the static route to one of the racks in there. With that configuration I was able to PXE boot and enlist a machine.

After that the other rack and the region both disappeared from the controller UI.

Should I remove the static routes from the SDN and do all routing via MAAS instead?

Should I add static routes in MAAS for both racks and region over the SDN?

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I got a little further.

With static routes defined for all 3 endpoints over the SDN both in MAAS and in the SDN itself, I can enlist and commission smoothly, and all my controllers are present in the UI. Deploying fails with our old friend ‘Can not apply stage final, no datasource found! Likely bad things to come!’ cloud-init error.

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Sorted it! Put all 3 subnets in the same fabric in MAAS.

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