MAAS on commodity PC with PIKVM

My first posting.
Has anyone use MAAS with commodity PCs with PIKVM? I have 12 SFF commodity PCs that I have been using for openstack and promox clusters. I have 2 PIVKM with KVMs for remote console access and wold like to test out MAAS in this environment. The motherboards support PXE booting. Here is the pikvm URL:

Alex DeWolf

so i’m a little bit confused by the “KVM” label. i scanned the doc, but it isn’t particularly clear what these kickstarter items do. can you explain more about your network and how the pikvm operates within that network and what it does?

The kickstarter is for the hardware, which includes the Raspberry PI, hat board for controlling the PC keyboard (USB) and PC display (HDMI) and power supply. The PIKVM connects to your pc USB and display HDMI ports so you can control the PC over your local network. The network port goes to you local network, or you can use WIFI. The ATX rj45 connector uses a special cable that plugs into your power control for your mother board. So the PIKVM connects to your local network (Ethernat or WIF) so you can get to your PC’s console over the local network using a web browser. It also has functionality where you can have an install ISO on a system on your local system and do a remote install of the OS. Does this answer your questions?

yeah, what you’re saying maps out to the port layout on the black boxes, but the text was more nebulous to me. so you want MAAS to participate in the process of deploying the ISO on your local system, using the pikvm?

Yes, if possible. This is way of getting ILO/IDRAC functionality on a consumer PC.

If not possible PXE booting could be used.