MAAS on Armbian?

Does MAAS support devices running Ubuntu-flavored Armbian?

Given the current incompatibility with Raspberry Pi 4s, I looked into building SBC clusters out of alternative hardware. The SOPINE A64 compute modules [1] mounted on a Clusterboard [2] [3] look perfect for this.

Now, Armbian Focal does support these devices and I’m curious if there’s anything about an official Ubuntu Server image which is missing to bless these devices.


As a baremetal server? how do you mean support?
If you can find snapd and a newer version of MAAS on your device, you can absolutely use them as controllers (regional &/or rack), an external postgres server for database instead of the snap (database for non production deployments) and other such things. ipxe booting them? unlikely. Register them as KVM hosts? perhaps! LXD even works with RPI 4s and the new ubuntu appliance lxd (new to me anyhow) and ive seen articles on lxd clusters. Untested, but would be very fun to try!

A cluster of lxd hosts using snaps and adding them as some form of juju target would be fun to play with. If you mean PXE, that is not likely due to the reality of SBC (SoC, whatever) and the way they are purpose built & unstandardized. My apolagies if I am not clearly replying but ARM32/64 boards can be used with maas and juju (add-machine) for all sorts of deployment scenarios. They are not BMC supported (though yes there are models for pi being used as IPMI) but I think that is only a priority for huge scale outs.

Just remember, if it can install snapd and use them succesfully, it LIKLEY can contribute (i am straining to get my pine64 512mb boards to be of use).

OH, and dont forget k8s!!!