Maas not responding with HPE ProLiant DL380 G5 | version2.8stable | ilo2

Hi There,

I am newbie for this maas. if anything i am asking silly kindly ignore me.

issue is when i try to add server along with IPMI am getting this below error:

2020-12-17T09:57:30.418734+00:00 maas-server maas.node: [info] testnewassistanzmaasbrm: Status transition from FAILED_COMMISSIONING to COMMISSIONING
2020-12-17T09:57:30.495674+00:00 maas-server maas.power: [info] Changing power state (on) of node: testnewassistanzmaasbrm (hgm6rt)
2020-12-17T09:57:30.496228+00:00 maas-server maas.node: [info] testnewassistanzmaasbrm: Commissioning started
2020-12-17T09:57:30.509121+00:00 maas-server maas.drivers.power.ipmi: [warn] Failed to change the boot order to PXE /snap/maas/8980/usr/sbin/ipmi-chassis-config: 15: exec: /usr/sbin/ipmi-config: not found
2020-12-17T09:58:58.583500+00:00 maas-server maas.drivers.power.ipmi: message repeated 3 times: [ [warn] Failed to change the boot order to PXE /snap/maas/8980/usr/sbin/ipmi-chassis-config: 15: exec: /usr/sbin/ipmi-config: not found]
2020-12-17T09:59:50.602140+00:00 maas-server maas.power: [error] Error changing power state (on) of node: testnewassistanzmaasbrm (hgm6rt)
2020-12-17T09:59:50.615351+00:00 maas-server maas.node: [info] testnewassistanzmaasbrm: Status transition from COMMISSIONING to FAILED_COMMISSIONING
2020-12-17T09:59:50.622957+00:00 maas-server maas.node: [error] testnewassistanzmaasbrm: Marking node failed: Power on for the node failed: Could not contact node’s BMC: Connection timed out while performing power action. Check BMC configuration and connectivity and try again.

Note:We have reviewed the connectivity between maas machine with ipmi/server and its fine.

Please find the maas details below:

root@maas-server:~# maas status
bind9 RUNNING pid 7366, uptime 8 days, 1:06:00
dhcpd RUNNING pid 30142, uptime 18:59:17
dhcpd6 STOPPED Not started
http RUNNING pid 7390, uptime 8 days, 1:05:59
ntp RUNNING pid 7481, uptime 8 days, 1:05:39
proxy RUNNING pid 7447, uptime 8 days, 1:05:49
rackd RUNNING pid 6980, uptime 8 days, 1:06:36
regiond RUNNING pid 6983, uptime 8 days, 1:06:36
syslog RUNNING pid 7484, uptime 8 days, 1:05:38

root@maas-server:~# snap list
Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
maas 2.8.2-8577-g.a3e674063 8980 2.8/stable canonical✓ -
maas-cli 0.6.5 13 latest/stable canonical✓ -
maas-test-db 12.4-17-g.9e70484 53 2.9/stable canonical✓ -

HPE ProLiant DL380 G5 Server - Server
IPMI - ilo2
Core - 8
RAM - 32GB
HDD - 500GB

I suspect issue is with my server bcoz it’s a old one i just want to know the exact root cause.

Looking forward your responces.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Things to check for on ilos;

  • Make sure ipmi/dcmi over lan access is enabled
  • check connection with freeipmi/ipmitool, verify you can turn it on/off
  • check for timeouts with tools.

freeipmi has a low timeout setting, retransmission-timeout 1000 in /etc/freeipmi/freeipmi.conf was a fix for me in the days before the snap package.

@antojohnaz, did you ever sort this out?