Maas not deploying node: get() returned more than one neighbour

i have 5 nodes in maas. 4 can been deployed… but for one i am getting an error : get() returned more than one Neighbour – it returned 2!

i have no idea how to go about fixing this or what the error means. Any help/suggestions is really appreciated.

Were enlisting and commissioning successful? It’s right?

Hi, @rocknrjiii,

I think we need more information.

Identify your version and build?

We need to know the version and build (and packaging format) that you’re running. Here’s how to get that info:

If you’re using a snap

If you’re using a snap, execute snap listmaas at the command line, which will return some lines like this:

Name  Version                       Rev    Tracking     Publisher   Notes
maas  3.0.0~beta2-9796-g.2182ab55f  13292  latest/edge  canonical✓  -

Please add the output of that command to a comment on this post.

If you’re using a Debian package

If you’re using a deb, execute apt list maas at the command line, and enter whatever it returns into a comment to this post, as in the snap example above.

Using CLI, UI, or API?

Next, you’ll need to specify which interface you’re using, and generally what command(s) you were attempting.

Explain what happened, leading up to the get() error

Being as concise and specific as you can, please explain a little more about what seemed to go wrong. Something’s returning a get() error – what? CLI? A terminal? A pop up on the GUI?

Maybe try explain how to reproduce your issue?

Instead of the explanation above, you might try to create a step-by-step list of what you did to reproduce the problem.

Relevant screenshots save typing

Can you capture a few screenshots that give us a play-by-play? You can just upload them into your comment.

Locate and capture logfiles

Logfiles might not have much in this case, but it’s worth looking at these files around the time you see the error:

  1. maas.log
  2. regiond.log
  3. rackd.log
  4. the rsyslog file of the affected machine(s), if it exists.

On snap, they’re in:

  • /var/snap/maas/common/log/maas.log
  • /var/snap/maas/common/log/regiond.log
  • /var/snap/maas/common/log/rackd.log
  • /var/snap/maas/common/log/rsyslog/$MACHINE_NAME/$RELEVANT_DATE/messages

If you’re using Debian packages, they’re somewhere else:

  • /var/log/maas/maas.log
  • /var/log/maas/regiond.log
  • /var/log/maas/rackd.log
  • /var/log/maas/rsyslog/$MACHINE_NAME/$RELEVANT_DATE/messages

Ideally, you’d want to put these in a pastebin and link the pastebin location in your comment.

Thanks for this. We’ll very likely need this additional info to sort this.