Maas non interactive install / docker

Any documentation covering the install each MAAS component non interactively ? (aka, without being prompted)
Trying to build a docker image, but it seems no matter how I try “snapd” is in the way… even when using the deb packages!!!

so is there a way to install MAAS 3.2 with NO dependency on snap?

any guidance would be appreciated.

what did I try?
Context: Docker

apt-get install -y maas


Configuring maas

Your system is unable to reach the Snap Store, please make sure you’re connected to the Internet and update any
firewall or proxy settings as needed so that you can reach the Snap Store.

You can manually check for connectivity by running “snap info maas”

Aborting will cause the installation to fail and will require it to be re-attempted once snapd is functional on
the system.

  1. Retry 2. Abort
    Unable to reach the snap store

Looked into snapd in docker, that’s a no no… snapd—>dependency on systemd…

was maybe hoping to hack my way via debconf and prepopulate some answers
so on a manually maas install I was able to extract those via

sudo debconf-get-selections | grep maas
But that seems like a stretch… an wont’ help since the deb package install still has a dependency on snapd


@agubuntu, yeah, this seems a little odd at first glance. i can try to help you (or get you help), but i need more info first.

check this help page for the type of information i need. don’t file a bug just yet – it might come to that, but we’d need to discover that.

most important is the procedure you’re using, maybe including some screenshots and/or console logs? i’d like to see the steps and responses, to help figure out what’s happening here.

@agubuntu, did you ever solve this? if not, see my previous reply for information we’d need to tackle this.

Thanks @billwear I’m not sure I can provide much more. The context of the problem does not call for grabbing more logs as a regular “bug”. Since this is the installer itself…

It’s related to packaging and/or lacking documentation overall on a manual install process.

I’m happy to provide more info as needed. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Hi @agubuntu, MAAS doesn’t officially support a Docker deployment and the apt package expects systemd to be present. The reason for systemd, or snapd, is both the region and rack controller are multi-process entities that require a supervisor of some sort to run services external to the controllers themselves (ie DNS, DHCP, maas-proxy, etc). While multi-process docker isn’t that uncommon, MAAS doesn’t support using an arbitrary supervisor for said processes. You can run systemd in a docker, though usually this is achieved by running systemd in user mode, and probably achieve running MAAS that way, but shy of that, MAAS won’t run in docker easily.

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