MAAS node monitoring with Nagios NRPE agents


Is there a Nagios package I can use in order to monitor the MAAS nodes? Or rather is it possible to monitor tyhe MAAS nodes with Nagios? If so anyone can please throw some light at it?


Hi @sherildamodharan, do you mean the MAAS controllers or the nodes deployed by MAAS?

I am looking for health checks for the MAAS controllers.

P.S. I think this is tagged wrongly as Features and show-and-tell.

1 Like covers metrics exposed by MAAS for monitoring the controllers (note Prometheus, not Nagios)

@sherildamodharan, i used to do nagios all the time, but haven’t thought about how to use it with MAAS – though i do know from experience that nagios collects info much different from Prometheus, which we already support. i think i might make this a little side project; no promises, but i’ll let you know if i figure something out.

@szeestraten, i changed this to “Users” and @sparkiegeek removed the show-and-tell tag. nice catch.


@sparkiegeek and @billwear, thanks for your quick reply.

I am aware of the metrics endpoint, but I am looking for health monitoring to ensure MAAS and its processes are running correctly.

Any plans to add a /health endpoint which is popular these days?

Edit: Added feature request here: Feature request: Health check endpoint

so, @sherildamodharan, have you already got the Nagios server installed on a host, so that it could monitor MAAS nodes? i’m assuming so, but if not, we should start with that step. i just set up a Nagios server on my MAAS host laptop last night, and it was non-trivial to get some of the auth daemons working with Apache2. let me know if you’ve already got a server set up.