Maas Multiple Region Controllers

Hi there,

Just checking in that the multiple region controller documentation found here: is accurate as I’m currently deploying a new maas 2.9 cluster, and am aiming to have it set up so that:

Node 1: region+rack controller
Node 2: rack controller (For HA)
Node 3: region controller (For HA)

postgres is deployed as an external ha cluster.

However, looking at the documentation, it seems as if the multiple region controllers info hasn’t been updated recently.

Is it just a case now, similar to adding new rack controllers, that I can install maas via snap, and run the maas init region and just set the db to the same cluster as node 1, and set the maas url to the same url as node 1?


as long as you already have database initialized and maas running, new region instance just needs config file to point to the same database and not initialize.


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