MaaS' Machine as a L3 gateway of a subnet

Hey guys,

I’m trying to deploy a KVM Guest, via MaaS, as a gateway for a VLAN, that’s also configured on MaaS!

Thing is, when I add a subnet, that have a gateway configured, in a Machine (Interfaces), AND, the gateway IP is also configured within this same Machine (because it will be the gateway for that subnet), then, the Machine ends up with the gateway’s IP (correct) but also, with a “default via itself”! Which is wrong, as follows:

1- Subnet configured on MaaS, that have a gateway configured (

2- KVM Guess Composed via MaaS, with a VLAN Interface on the above Subnet (Machine have IP, since it will be the gateway for that network) (here is where the "disable gateway feature will help):

3- Here is the Machine deployed with a wrong gateway! It shouldn’t have the line “default via”, since this IP is on itself:

NOTE: The “Disable gateway feature” discussed here: Feature to disable Interface Gateway when using multiple NICs should resolve this issue!