maas "lxd pod" no ram and cpu available

Hi all,
a would try lxd pod, but when I create lxd pod (via Add KVM - libvirt beta option) result is created pod , but wit out aviable memory and cpu

on the previous image you can see then only storage size is populated

Note: Certs for client auths to lxd via api is impoted into maas rack controller

compose machine is not possible

Any idea?



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I just did a fresh install of MAAS and ran into the same issue. My LXD is also a fresh snap install. Have you been able to resolve this issue in anyway?


Same here :confused:

Have you tried removing the leading https:// from the LXD address? Just checked on my MAAS here and that has just the IP:PORT

I doubt this is related because as you can see in the screenshots, cpu/ram is unknown but it gathers the storage type and size correctly (in the detailed view) so I suppose the communication works but some items are just not retrieved correctly.

@sat01- When you have a moment, and if you have this info available to you, post the redacted content of your lxd init

This will help in determining if there are any hurdles presented by the choices made during init, especially in comparison to the example setup provided in the documentation linked below

MAAS - VM Host: LXD Setup (see “Initialize LXD prior to use”)